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Xinghua Hongte Stainless Products Co., Ltd(XINGHUA CHANGQING IMP.&EXP.TRADE CO.,LTD.) is a professional stainless steel and super alloy fasteners manufacturer. Our products includes all kinds of washers, nuts , bolts , pins , threaded rods , machining parts, flanges, and so on.
Our raw material includes normal stainless steel ,such as SS303,SS304 , SS304L,SS314 , SS316 , SS316L , SS317L , SS321 , SS347 , SS347H , SS309S , SS310S , and 1.4529 , 904L , 254SMo , Alloy 286 , 2.4952(Nimonic 80A) , and Duplex steel series of 2205(F51/S31803/S32205),2507(F53/S32750) , Hastelloy B2/B3 /C4 /C22 /C276 /C2000 / G3 /G30/X.......                                                                                                                                                                     More...

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