Xinghua Hongte Stainless Products Co., Ltd(XINGHUA CHANGQING IMP.&EXP.TRADE CO.,LTD.) is a professional stainless steel and super alloy fasteners manufacturer. Our products includes  all kinds of washers, nuts , bolts , pins , threaded rods , machining parts, flanges, and so on.

Our raw material includes normal stainless steel ,such as SS303,SS304 , SS304L,SS314 , SS316 , SS316L , SS317L , SS321 , SS347 , SS347H , SS309S , SS310S , and  1.4529 , 904L , 254SMo , Alloy 286 , 2.4952(Nimonic 80A) , and Duplex steel series of 2205(F51/S31803/S32205),2507(F53/S32750) , Hastelloy  B2/B3 /C4 /C22 /C276 /C2000 / G3 /G30/X , Inconel600/601/617/625/690/718/725/X750, Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825/901/925/926,Monel 400 /K500.

The washers include flat washers (DIN125A, DIN9021, ISO 7089, USS, SAE, F436, F436M),spring washers(DIN127B), tooth washers (DIN6797A/J, DIN6798A/J),load indicating washer( F959/F959M), steel structure washers (DIN6915/6916,EN14399-5/-6), square washers (DIN436) Tapper washers ( DIN434) and so on.

The nuts include hex nuts,hex thin nuts,heavy hex nuts,square nuts,Slotted nuts,Coupling nut , such as the standard of DIN934,DIN555,DIN439,DIN6330,DIN6334;ISO4034/4032/4035/4036,ASME B18.2.2 and so on.

The bolts include hex bolts,hex heavy bolts,square head bolts eye bolt ,such as DIN931/933/603/444,ISO4014/4017/8677,ASME B18.2.1,A325,A325M.

The threads rods are full threads rods and studs.

Our company has business relationship with a lot of famous corporation in the world. We hereby express our great thanks to vast friends in all works of life who constantly support the development of Xinghua Hongte Stainless Products Co., Ltd  always.